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Nowadays, thinking and doing no longer take place on a small scale. The networks and production processes are closely linked and often cross more than one national border. Your company is no longer the regional service provider and product developer. You are a specialist in a range of products, services or know-how, which is an essential asset of your success.


Their specialized and highly qualified employees are more often deployed outside of the modern medical infrastructure and security structures here. We can assist you in all areas of project planning for a domestic or foreign assignment of your employees with questions of medical training. Be it the equipment, with which we can implement almost all special requests for equipment with our competent contacts and manufacture them for you in premium quality. The same applies to the training and further education of your staff, which we train in theory, but even more in practice after analyzing the needs and the corresponding environmental situation.


We use the portfolio of conventional first aid, modern emergency medicine, but also emergency medicine from a tactical point of view. We want you to know that your employees are optimally prepared! Because this enables you to achieve the best result for you on site.

  • Creation of medical security concepts for company buildings or systems

  • Advice in the field of medical education and training for staff

  • Medical pre-clarification (hospitals, medical practices and rescue services)

  • Creation of medical evacuation concepts

  • Quality assurance of contracted external companies in the field of medical safety

  • Creation of medical security concepts for business trips

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